Playing pop music with its heart in folk and country music, Jonas and I (from Kuopio, Finland) released their debut album These Days on May 20th 2016.

The album creates a wholeness of music and stories with a unitive theme of motion. - Some of the songs have been written while traveling around the world. In your mind you return often to those feelings. Sceneries and crossroads in these songs are also crossroads of mind and feelings, says the lead singer Roope Hakkarainen.

Crossroads and rails, mountains and lakes, I’ll be there
In a world filled of stories, someday I’ll tell you mine
Am I satisfied or am I happy now, that’s a big difference in mind

In the band formed around Roope Hakkarainen (vocals, guitar) and Jonas Ursin (keyboards , guitar, vocals) also plays Juho Väliaho (keyboards, vocals), Santeri Laitinen (bass, vocals) and Antti Alvasto (drums).

These days of dreamlike haze when brightness brakes
How it’s turning surreal in me
At sunrise we’ll watch and see

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