Detour 33 debut studio album is a collection of musically filled murky crime drama, Film noir, as well as nostalgic scenes of the Finnish summer.

Detour 33 is a road, and its story begins from the crossroad of three guitarists. Markus Väisänen has an exceptional ability to play the most delicate tones, to gently lift and descent the images and whispers of the mind. His musical palette combines our own Finnish melodic heritage and americana. Väisänen started composing the material with his previous group Taipale. Now in Detour 33 the material has found a worthy co-painter from Juuso Kolho. The holy trinity is completed with Jarkka Rissanen, an artist who has made an eventful and colorful journey as a Finnish songwriter.

”I just know. People help other people”.
”People kill other people too”.
”I´ve seen that”.
”You´re going to see some more”.
-Elmore Leonard (Hombre)

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