MAR3 2023

The captivating music alchemist, HXA, is set to redefine the sound waves with his debut album. Listen to his first single from the upcoming album.

HXA, known for his transformative remix style and versatile musical background, has signed to Humu Records. His debut album will be released in the spring of 2023.

The new album is a harmonious blend of organic and electronic genres like EDM, folk, indie, pop, rock, country, and blues. Heikki Meriranta, who is also behind the alias HXA, describes the upcoming album:

“The album is a blend of harmony and contrasts; a combination of organic and synthetic elements, genre shifts, and experimental arrangements alongside traditional ones. I create music as layered narratives; beneath the direct storytelling lies the worldview of a sensitive narrator," Meriranta describes, and continues, "The goal is to create a timeless and intricate sound that can captivate and enlighten the listener for a long time, in addition to surprising elements.”

Meriranta is remembered as the songwriter, singer and guitarist of the blues-rock group Slideshaker, which toured Finland and Central Europe diligently. In addition, he produces electronic music together with DJ Noofi.

The first single Evil Eyes is an indie dance track with an acoustic groove and solid beat topped by a memorable vocal performance. It highlights the signature style of HXA - a musical alchemist, by blending and bending genres into a danceable catchy banger. Evil Eyeswas released to download and streaming services on Friday November 3rd. You can stream from following player and link.

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