Humu Records presents - HXA Remix Competition

Let’s make bangers together!
📆 Competition Dates: 15/Dec - 15/Feb
🎧 Tracks to Remix: Evil Eyes or Casual talking
💰 Prizes:
1st place:
  • 1 track professional mastering gift card to (value 100 €) 
  • Gift card to spotify playlist pitching service (48 USD)
  • HXA merchandise or HXA 12” LP Album (release H1 2024)
  • Remix release on Humu Records 
  • Remix mastering at Seashore Beats 
  • Promotional pack - cover design, video reels    
  • Playlist pitching campaign                
  • Social media promo for release     
2nd place:
  • HXA merchandise or HXA 12” LP Album (release H1 2024)    
  • Possible release on Humu Records with mastering and promotion by Seashore Beats
3th place:
  • Possible release on Humu Records with mastering and promotion by Seashore Beats
All officially released tracks will have fair streaming split share (33/34/33) You/HXA/Humu Records
🔗 Submission link: THIS FORM - SEE BELOW
🎉 Judges: HXA, Humu Records, Dj Noofi

How to Participate:
  • 1. Download the stems for Evil Eyes (Key: Bm, Tempo: 100) / Casual Talking (Key: Em, Tempo: 116).

  • 2. Create your own unique remix or version (no genre limitations!)

  • 3. Upload your remix to [LINK] using the submission link provided at date on submission deadline latest with your contact info

Optional but cool:
  • 4. Share a clip (max 15 seconds) of your remix on social media (instagram/tiktok) with the hashtag #REMIXHXA #remixcompetition, tag @hxamusic and @humuklubi_humurecords

  • 5. Encourage your friends and fans to build hype for your remix!

  • 6. Support and Follow HXA, Humu Records in Instagram + Spotify 
    Links: HXA IG  /   HXA Spotify  /  Humu Records IG

Competition Rules:
  • Remixes must be submitted by 15 Feb 2024 latest.

  • Remixes must be your original work.

  • All content (like samples) used must be legal and you have permission to use it.

  • If you are under 18 years of age, please prepare to provide signed parental consistent form before official release. (We do the paperwork!)

Judging Criteria:
  • Creativity and Originality

  • Production Quality

  • Legendaryness

Unofficial remixes and use of stems:
  • Stems and files provided can only be used for HXA remixes and not other original music.

  • You cannot monetize tracks or make official releases without written permission, but you are allowed to release your bootleg remix on youtube and soundcloud! (no spotify, apple music, youtube music etc..) In this case link and tag the HXA profiles / links properly to your release info, thanks and tag us in socials and we will hype you up!

Questions? Drop a DM in ig @hxamusic or email

Submit your remix - Let's Go!

Artist stage names *

Main genre of your remix

Email for contact / announcements *

Link to download. We recommend *


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