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Jarkka Rissanen Tonal Box feat. Kalle Fält – Listen their new single from the upcoming album

Jarkka Rissanen and his band Tonal Box release their new album Bones in February 2022. The band is known for their solid take on rhythm and blues, but on the new album they are joined by saxophone sorcerer Kalle Fält, and as a result they explore jazzier sounds than ever before.

The first single Chickenhawk is released on December 3rd, and it takes us straight to the heart of Tonal Box. Jorma Välimäki's juicy tuba and Jussi Kettunen's swinging drums give the song a catchy rhythmic bedrock, on which Rissanen's slide and Fält's saxophone wander around freely. When Kalle Fält's saxophone solo starts, you instantly know what it's all about.

Both Jarkka Rissanen and Kalle Fält have long musical careers under their belts. In addition to their solo careers they both have played with numerous Finnish top artists. This new album is the eighth one Jarkka Rissanen releases under his own name.

Humu Records releases the album Bones in February 2022 on CD and digital. The single Chickenhawk hits streaming and download services on December 3rd, and can be listened to from player and link bellow.


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