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Jonas and I release their second single from the upcoming album Where From Here

Playing Pop music with its heart in Folk music Jonas and I release their second single from the upcoming album Where From Here. The single I'll Be Free will be released digitally for download and streaming services on Friday, May 28th.

I'll Be Free deals with fearful emotions on the eve of change and liberation:

“My first long backpacking trip at a young age in the world left me with great feelings, the kind of feelings I’ve never experienced before or after, that I still deal with. When enthusiasm turns into fear, fear over time into laughter. The process of moving forward becomes a routine, the new may seem ordinary, but still necessary and liberating. As is often the case, the uniqueness of things is only understood afterwards. I think the same theme occurs in any changes in life,” says the band's singer Roope Hakkarainen.

Musically and story-wise, the theme of the new album is change. The album goes through awkward but joyfully liberating stages in front of a new beginning. Stylistically, it still relies on familiar pop folk, but influences are heard from country and more beating indie and rock music.

Jonas and I is a band formed around Jonas Ursin and Roope Hakkarainen. The line-up’s acclaimed debut album These Days garnered praise and radio play from around the world and was selected for the top spot in Soundi Magazine's Newcomer of the Year reader poll. After the debut album, the band also released a modern version of Finland's first regional anthem, Savolaisen laulu, which was commissioned for the Finland100 anniversary and mainly re-composed. Savo’s Song, translated from Finnish into English, was performed together with Marco Hietala, known from the Nightwish band. The song received a lot of media attention.

Humu Records will release the album Where from Here in vinyl and digitally on September 10, 2021. The second single from the new album, I'll Be Free, will be released digitally on Friday, May 28th and can be listened to from player bellow. The single also includes the song Dreaming.

I'll Be Free

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