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Humu Records releases Bizzarro’s debut album in May. Listen to a sample from the upcoming album

Wickedly beautiful instrumental music combo Bizzarro releases its debut album Luxardo on Friday 31st May. In the heart of Bizzarro’s music are Markus Väisänen’s compositions, which brim with intense atmosphere. Väisänen is known from bands such as Taipale, Detour 33 and Jarkka Rissanen & Sons of the Desert.

In addition to guitarist Väisänen, the trio consists of drummer Jaakko Pöyhönen (Ina Forsman) and bassist Teemu Aho (The Offsets). Niko Votkin (Ismo Alanko, Knucklebone Oscar) guests on the album, playing samples, synthesizer and percussion.

Väisänen tells about the album’s background:
- The project started about 1,5 years ago. I went through my demo archives and felt the need to wake up my sleeping ideas and experiences I had recorded. At this stage the plan was to make a minimalist solo album, but the project really came to life after six months of inactivity when Pöyhönen and Aho joined.

The band finished and recorded the songs during two weekends at Väisänen’s grandparents’ house in Taipale, Iisalmi. The same house has served as a HQ for many of Väisänen’s projects.

-In the end, the album was quite easy to make. Pöyhönen and Aho took care of the technical side, so this time I got to concentrate on guitars and amps. I get just the right musicians to come along every time, and for that I have to be grateful.

Humu Records’ Jaakko Ryynänen is pleased with his new signing
-Väisänen is definitely one of the most elegant guitarists in Finland, and his attitude towards music represent exactly the kind of earthy desire we try to preserve.

The first tastes from the album can be heard on the players below. The album Luxardo hits the stores and streaming services on Friday, May 31st.


Humble Rumble

Luxardo tracklist:
1. Walkabout
2. Darklands
3. Fogcutter
4. For Emma I
5. Witch of Hirta
6. Capetown
7. Shoreline Gold
8. Humble Rumble
9. Luxardo
10. For Emma II

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