The Country Dark started their career playing minimalistic "murder-country" music crammed with sleazy stories about psycho killer scumbags, sexually overloaded weirdos and perverted alien abductors from outer space. Nowadays their repertoire leans more and more towards wild trash rock'n'roll and mutated garage rock aesthetics. But the very essence, the true spirit of "goneness" is still the same and perhaps even stronger than ever before.

The new album Cookie Trail was released April 13th 2018:

Woman's skeletonized body found inside an old elm tree? Man, like strange...and what happened to miss Kay Kent, beautiful, fragile and infamous Marilyn Monroe impersonator?

Real life murder stories are mixed into wild and sinister Rock'n'Roll cyclone on The Country Dark's 4th full length album "Cookie Trail". The bone marrow of trashabilly meets the blood oozing raw flesh of finnish-americana guitar twang. The whole shebang is covered with ominous sighs and moans of the eastern dark woods. Yes, there is more mystic beauty in this "Cookie Trail" album than in the previous TCD slabs of plastic. But what kind of beauty? Do you have guts to find out? And most you have any guts left when you have found out?

Personel: Mika Sollas: laulu
Marko Lukkarinen: kitara
Henri Keinänen: kitara
Lassi Kauppinen: basso
Antti Alvasto: rummut
Tomi Kosonen: saksofoni, koskettimet

Our Crimes 2007-2018 (Humu Records, 8.3.2024)
Cookie Trail (Humu Records, 13.4.2018)
Hypnic Jerk (Humu Records, 19.2.2016)
Dead Man's Handjob (Big Money Recordings, 2013)
Slaughterhouse Party (Big Money Recordings, 2012)
Deliriumic Sounds From Life's Other Side cd-ep (Trash Can Records, 2007)

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