Ville Lehtovaara is one of Tampere Finland’s most experienced roots musicians. The drummer’s studio album, Regroovable will be released on December 7, 2018.

Lehtovaara’s music can be described as twisted and fresh roots music, combining soul, blues, and garage, spiced with experimental sound trickery and cinematic moods. On this album Lehtovaara has combined instruments, beats, and exotic sounds, with musicians and talents that share his own vision.
— Many of these songs were born from just basic drum tracks I created and then asked friends to play or sing on them in their own unique style, says Lehtovaara.
— From the very beginning the top priority was the groove, combined with the personal viewpoint of each musician.

Many of Lehtovaara’s long time musical friends – friends he has recorded with and performed with for years – can be heard on this album. The list of friends include Jo’ Buddy, Jarkka Rissanen, Masa Orpana, Wiley Cousins, Tommi Laine, Dave Forestfield, Sami Sippola, Jorma Välimäki and Pekko Käppi.

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